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Reflecting on...Dreaming Big

I don't need permission to dream

'Cause when I close my eyes breathe deeply,

My body holds election with itself

And deems the dream victorious.

Asleep I'm unstoppable, un-impossible.

How amazing is the notion

That I'm so capable

I dream with my eyes open!

A substance of wonder

First existing only in the mind of me,

Who dreamed it to reality.


Dreams v3

This piece is an oldie but a goodie, which I wrote a few years back in response to my musical partner in crime's song Dreams. I thought of it today after I viewed a short motivational video that's trending by Steve Harvey.

Reflecting on this piece, I'm moved outside of myself and my own dreams. I'm inspired and incited and excited for others who I know are moving forward courageously in pursuit of their own dreams. I think of the youth I work with at EEE who have dreams of going to college and becoming entrepreneurs. I think of my little sister, Miya, who dreams of becoming a professional model. I think of my sister friends who dream of growing their businesses.

It's cliche to say, "follow your dreams." Instead, I say: Identify your dream. Nurture your dream. Live your dream daily with the internal fervor that it is already a reality. Above all, do not look to another person to validate or consent to your dream. Because, your dream is uniquely your own!


Kashanna Eiland is the co-founder and Executive Director of Empowerment through Education and Exposure, a nonprofit agency that promotes post-secondary education and career opportunities for Chicago youth. She is also a Social Impact Strategist and Speaker who aims to help socially conscious individuals and organizations bring their bright ideas to fruition.



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