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Do the thing that scares you the most

As usual, I'm speaking first to myself. I attended a public speaking workshop by Joi Worthy Johnson, The Joi Method where she said, "If you take a chance and do the thing that you're afraid to do, the absolutely worst thing that can happen to you is death." Most likely, the fears you and I are facing have a slim risk of leading to death. But what very likely will occur with hard work and a whole lot of stick-to-itness 😆 is: Not only will we eventually attain whatever it is we're going after; there's a strong chance that doors will be opened to even greater things than we could've imagined. 🙌🏾


Kashanna Eiland is the co-founder and Executive Director of Empowerment through Education and Exposure, a nonprofit agency that promotes post-secondary education and career opportunities for Chicago youth. She is also a Social Impact Strategist and Speaker who helps socially conscious individuals and organizations bring their bright ideas to fruition.

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